Faiz Gobran Kursan Foundation

Trade & Import - General Contracting

Faiz Gobran Kursan Foundation was founded and started its actual activity in 2017 under the name of Faiz Gobran Ahmed Kursan Foundation as an individual enterprise. The result of this eight-year-old experience and more in the import, general contracting and construction business was to gain the trust of public and private companies and get them to deal with our foundation. The Foundation's registration was issued in Commercial Register No. 3067/11 of 10/6/2017 with Tax Card No. 1365959 and a capital of 1 million US$, and through the management's concern in providing the best services with international standards as well as its unequivocal interest in raising and strengthening the domestic economy of the Republic of Yemen by expanding its scope of operation by including Yemen Al-Ata Packaging Company to become one of the affiliates of the Foundation with a capital of approximately 500,000 US$.