We are pleased to introduce our foundation and summarize in these lines the history that may not be too great, but full of achievements and has a great share of local and international business from institutions, organizations and donorship programs. Our foundation is proud of its history, partnership and development work in the field of trade, import and other related areas.
These are the bases on which we founded our (Faiz Gobran Kursan for Import and General Contracting).
The Foundation is characterized by an integrated working group with expertise and professionalism, and possesses capabilities, capacities and outstanding goals.
We never opt to start any work or project before studying all its aspects in all respects and know our ability of its implementation in the best way possible, and that all possibilities are available to complete and succeed the work we will do and to take into account all necessary precautions for each side.
This is our first goal, which we have learned and noticed from our past expertise and it has been shown that it is the secret to success and continuity in progress through which we have won the trust of our customers .